Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Feel-Good, Feel-Bad ObamaCare Stories Duel

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Brace yourself.  Soon you will be receiving solicitations left and right from the Obama administration and  Obama critics asking you to tell your feel-good or feel-bad story about how ObamaCare has positively or negatively effected you. You may suddenly find yourself in the news.   These stories will form the basis for TV attack ads, where your story will be told.

If you’re in the feel-good crowd.
State your case clear and loud.
Go directly to
Give ObamaCare a good shove.
Tell the world about your great free-care.
and news about subsidies you want to share

If, on the other hand, you feel-bad,
Because you feel you’ve been had,
Because of unaffordable premiums
In those new health plan mediums.
Go directly to the Fox News channel.
They’d love ObamaCare to dismantle.

I very much hate to be euphonial.
but nothing beats a  testimonial. 

Tweet:   Feel-good. feel-bad ObamaCare stories will soon flood the news, let the world know your views through or Fox News.

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