Friday, January 17, 2014

Obama, the Oblivious 

With alarming regularity, President Obama professes obliviousness to the workings of his own government. He claims, for example, to have known nothing about the IRS targeting scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the NSA tapping of Angela Merkel. And he had not a clue that the centerpiece of his signature legislative achievement — the online Obamacare exchange, three years in the making — would fail catastrophically upon launch. Or that Obamacare would cause millions of Americans to lose their private health plans.

Charles Krauthammer,   “Obama, The Oblivous,”  Washington Post, December 13. 2013

I dislike,
·         Observing the obvious
·         Obscuring an obfuscation
·         Obtunding about the oblivious
·         Obliterating the obligations
·         Objecting to the oblique
·         Obsessing about obstacles
      Objectifying about the objectionable

But President Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, our All -Powerful Potentate, should have known.
·         That after 150 White House visits by the head of the IRS that the agency had targeted conservative groups

·         That after multiple intelligence briefings that the NSA had collected phone records and Emails of all U.S. citizens and foreign leaders

·         That after documented  warnings from his HIT team that was not ready and  should  not have been delayed

·         That health exchange plans were regarded by health plan executives and  young invincibles and the middle class  as a bad deal and as a set-up for an adverse selection death-spiral 

·         That health exchange plans, with and without subsidies, were going to be very pricey for those without subsidies

·         That health exchange deductibles were going to slow enrollment growth because they were unaffordable for many

·         That it was predestined in the health law that health plans for millions would be cancelled.
·         That the health law clearly indicated that many people would be unable to keep their doctors.

      Up to this point, this blog post has been about word play and Presidential obliviousness.  The underlying message is that the American people want their president to be straightforward and honest and to take responsibility overseeing and managing his administration's actions and policies.

Tweet:  President Obama claims to have been oblivious to the actions of his surrogates and to the details of the missteps of his administration.

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