Friday, January 31, 2014

Health Reform  Plan’s Acronyms

A  word formed by using initial letters of a legislative act or a series of words.


PPACA stands for ObamaCare,
Patient Protection Affordable Care Act,

That controversial Democrat health law,
That rubs the GOP's  and  public's emotions raw.

CARE stands for GOP’s Patient Choice, Affordability,
Responsibility, and Empowerment Act,
CARE shows how to the law Republicans react.

Supposedly these competing acronyms capture,
The essence of the  pro- and con- legislature.

Both claim to be sweeping and comprehensive.
Both are to other side deeply offensive.

Both claim to greatly lower health care cost.
Both aim to demonstrate who is the boss.

Both claim to widen access to the poor,
Both represent what  parties stand for.

Both claim their Acts offer intelligent choice,
Both say they listen to the consumer voice.

One claims only government knows what’s best,
Only, says the other, if it passes market test,

Obama says ObamaCare shows he cares.
GOP says CARE will test how with voters that fares.

PPACA  has those dreaded mandates,
Keys to eventual ObamaCare’s fate.

CARE claims mandates are unnecessary,
It does away with them as accessory.

Obama claims you can keep doctors and plans,
CARE assures you can keep them in your hands.

Tweet:   The acronyms PPACA and CARE represent competing health care reform philosophies, one government-driven, the other market-driven.

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