Sunday, January 19, 2014

To ObamaCare Victims Feeling "Had

When someone feels mistreated, cheated, or deceived, we say “you’ve been had.”

American Idiom, “You’ve been had.”

With ObamaCare do you feel “you’ve been had”?
That the new health law is treating you that bad.

Always remember you are not alone,
Others have reasons to moan and groan,

Take the young, healthy, and insured,
Look at what they will have to endure.

Premiums and deductibles will be sky-high,
Though majority of them are just getting by.

Take the fast growing group of uninsured Hispanics,
They don't get the website’s Espanol or its mechanics.

Take middle class people without access to subsidies,
They can’t afford the cost of new policies and fees.

Take the uninsured who are joining Medicaid rolls,
They can’t find doctors to accept fed doles.

Take 12 million seniors in  Advantage Plans,
They are facing a host of benefit cuts and bans.

Take those who want to keep their plans and physicians,
They may find both are victims of network omissions.

You can’t please all of  people all of the time,
But you ought to please some some of the time.

Tweet:   As ObamaCare rolls out,  it is apparent it displeases most of the people most of the time.

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