Friday, January 3, 2014

ABCs of ObamaCare

It’s as simple as the ABCs.

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For ObamaCare to succeed – to satisfy Americans, to win their favor, to gain their vote, and to persevere – it must answer the following.

·         A (Access )– Will or can ObamaCare expand access? Will the number of new Americans covered exceed those receiving notices of cancelled policies?   Is the Obama administration capable of persuading physicians and hospitals to accept  new Medicare,  Medicaid, and health exchange patients with low reimbursements and high compliance requirements?  Or will patients who have difficulty accessing care simply flock to emergency rooms who are legally required to treat them?

·         B ( Beliefs) -   Is the Obama administration capable of changing  cultural beliefs of capitalistic and individualistic Americans?   Americans believe in a pluralistic society with a plethora of choices.   We believe in choosing and keeping our own doctors, health plans, and hospitals.   We believe we and our doctors, not government technocrats,  know best what we need and what is good for us.   Can government change these mindsets?

·         C (Credibility) -   Can President Obama and his administration restore trust in government?  Public trust will be hard to restore given the broken promises of lower costs,  increased affordability, and greater ease of access, now that is widely known that a mandatory change of plans and doctors and hospitals would follow in ObamaCare’s wake once it was officially launched; once confused  access and created uncertainties;  and once premiums and deductibles spiked. 

Tweet: ObamaCare  has miles to go, promises to keep,  chaos to clear, and trust to restore before Americans accept its premises.  

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