Monday, January 13, 2014

 Fruit of the Womb

Blessed is the fruit of the womb.


Will wonders of technology never cease
From Sweden comes this press release
In Stockholm nine  infertile  women
Who desperately desired children
Have received a uterine transplant
The new organ may be able an implant to receive
And at long last,  women will be able to conceive.
The  transplant has no fallopian tube connections
Future pregnancies will have to take new directions
The women’s ovaries will be able  make eggs,
In the uterus eggs for sperm can serve as pegs.
Onto which ova can be fertilized.
And a new human can be realized.
There are two catches to this technology,
One relates to a matter of ethnology.
Who is willing and able to be the uterus donor
In this case a relative was the previous owner
Two involves an unanswered and unanswerable question of immunology
That is, immunosuppressive drugs’ effects on the new  infants’ pathology
Reproductive engineering
Is with nature interfering.
And nature may be unforgiving
For a technological misgiving.

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