Monday, January 27, 2014

Lame Duck

An elected or appointed official remaining in office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor.

Definition, Lame Duck

That Barack  Obama is a lame duck president
Should to each and all be self evident
It’s simply a matter of precedent
He or she is no longer relevant
A lame duck  is one doomed to be out of office.
Either by choosing not to run, election losses,
Or a law making them past  political bosses.
A lame duck, you see,  gather no mosses.
It happened to William Howard Taft,
Who from Woodrow Wilson got the shaft,
It happened to Hubert Hoover,
Who succumbed to FDR's taint remover.
It happened to Gerald Ford,
Who the Nixon pardon floored,
It happened to Jimmy Carter,
Who to malaise became a martyr.
It happened to George Bush and son,
Who for different reasons couldn’t run,
It happened to Bill Clinton,
Who finished his eight year penance.
It is not all bad being a lame duck.
You are no longer stuck in the muck.
You are now free to issue pardons,
Before the end of your term hardens
You are free to make appointments,
To assuage friends with political ointments.
You are free to issue executive orders,
That previously had defined borders.
Free at last,
Free at last.

Tweet:  All Presidents become lame ducks, and they find lame ducks have certain freedoms.

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