Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Winners, Losers, and Moral Victories

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Trump Philosophy, as expressed by Vanderbilt football coach, Red Sanders, in 1953

If you lose, it’s a moral victory.

Democratic Philosophy, after 2016 presidential election

President-elect Donald Trump, during the campaign, said the election was all about America winning again,  thereby making it great again.  Maybe,  but after a close election, winners and losers have two points of view.

Points of View


Republicans – We won, you lost.  Get over it.  Suck it up, Buttercups.  Melt down,  snowflacks.

Democrats  - You won the electoral college, but we won the popular vote.  That is a moral victory for our side.


Republicans -  What American workers think, is what counts.

Democrats-  What the American intelligentsia conceive and believe is more rational, more compassionate, and more moral.


Republicans – Pride in our national heritage beats globalism and produces a greater,  more prosperous economy.

Democrats -   Globalism will win in the end in an interconnected world because economic tradeoffs are necessary  and more compassionate.


Republicans -  Strict adherence to the Constitution is what makes America great.

Democrats -   The Constitution must be a living document,  adjusted to greater trends in the world.


Republicans -  We listened to the silent majority which represents American culture.

Democrats – The new majority is the collective vocal minority.


Republicans  – Winners  win because they understand  the common will.

Democrats  - To win one must pay attentions to what other nations want,   even if these nations may to play for dabbling in American politics.

Republicans – To win a true nation must define and defend its borders.

Democrats – To be a true part of the world community, one must have open borders and accept all comers.


Republicans  - A rising tide, based on lower taxes and fewer regulations, lifts all boats.

Democrats -  A rising tide enriches the rich, leaving the poor to drown without a safety net.


Republicans – Bottom-up enterprises, based on freedom to innovate, bubbles up and enriches all.

 Democrats –  Trickle-down innovation does not work and discriminates.  Only trick-down government control works.


Republicans – Big Media, big Money, and a big Ground Game lost.

Democrats – Alternative Media, alternative financing, and popular rallies lack moral coherence.

When it comes to winning and losing in politics, there are always two points of view, each a little Conservative, and each a little Liberal ,each a little more business-like, each a little moral.