Monday, January 6, 2014

Different Results for Different Folks

Often enough our faith beforehand is an uncertified result is the only thing that makes the result come true.

William James (1842-1920),  The Will To Believe

This is adding insult to injury.

Edward Moore (1712-1757),  The Foundling

Americans do not judge economic results by rhetoric,
An attitude resulting in different ObamaCare invective.

ObamaCare folks believe in equal results for all,
Though equality shows no certifiable results at all.

Absolute equality has an undeniable emotional tug.
One can never never  sweep it under the  political rug.

Equality is behind the campaign for a rise in the minimum wage.
That and to distract from ObamaCare's issues  is the political rage.

However,  folks on other side  firmly argue.
That equal results is simply a  blue view.

To claim that everyone should have equal results,
For economics students their intelligence insults.

One cannot do away absolutely with inequality,
Different folks have different levels of ability.

To do away with inequality for all folks.
Amounts to a far-fetched political hoax.

Absolutely  doing away with inequality rarely works.

Differences in results are one of humankind’s perks.

So the age-old ideological debate persists,
And each side the other’s argument resists.

 Tweet:   To divert attention from ObamaCare, Obama is saying income inequality is an Obamanation for the American nation.

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