Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The President’s Lack of Passion  in Selling ObamaCare

A blasé, no-drama attitude, boredom, lack of conviction, and an absence of passion can all be seen as contributing to ObamaCare failure…Obama is a bystander president who shrugs as events unfold and yawns as our problems get worse. ..It is said that the White House – and ultimately the entire presidency – reflects the personality of the president.

Ed Rogers,  “The Insiders; The Problem of No-Drama Obama, Washington Post,  January 13, 2014

President Obama has a  personality and performance problem when it comes to selling ObamaCare.   The latest polls show only 40% of Americans approve of the law.

According to those closest to him,   David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gates, when he was Secretary of Defense,  the President bores easily. Details of implementing a domestic or foreign policy do not interest him.   Evidently, the President is a “cool cat” who relishes being above the fray and a hands-off kind of manager  who feels  things will work out because he is on the right side of history,  and on the left side of progressive  politics. 

When it comes to health care reform,  Obama  gives the impression he is unconcerned about his administration’s responsibilities in dealing with the dirty details and more concerned about blaming Republicans  for a health law they did not write and a website they did not design.  He is above all that.  He leaves the details of governing to others.   He has more important things in mind, like playing golf, campaigning,  raising money from celebrities. and sticking it to the GOP..

Yet, at some point, and that point is now,  he must assert  himself when things are going wrong.  He must show some emotion that he cares,  as Winston Churchill did when he shed tears while visiting  devastated  bombed out  London ruins during World War II.   A women, noticing Churchill’s tears, said, “ Look at Winnie.  He really cares!” If you read Churchill's Grand Alliance,  Tuchman's March to Folly,  or Lichtman and Decelll's The Keys to the Presidency,  you will quickly learn a successful presidency hinges on a President's  personality, his public image.  and his interact5ions with the personal interactions with his staff and other leaders.

At this point , things are going very wrong for ObamaCare.   Only 67% of the public trusts the government to  manage the health care system.  Some  critics feel Obama is already a lame duck, and  ObamCare  is  in ruins.  The healthcare.gov launch continues to be a technological disaster and remains  fraught with errors.   Health insurers are cancelling policies by the millions.   Employers, large and small,  are dropping coverage for millions more because of unaffordable health plan coverage.  The uninsured and the young are not signing up for health exchange plans.  80% of those signing up are receiving subsidies.; Those who are enrolling do not know if they are covered, nor do doctors and hospitals who must provide their care know who is covered.    Health plans are losing money,  trying to cope with changing last minute delays and changes,  and many are anticipating a government bailout.   Everywhere reigns confusion, bureaucratic obstacles,   last minute delays,  pervasive uncertainties, a general sense of gloom ,  distrust in government, and talk about a train wreck.   People are asking, “ Is this sny  way to run a railroad?”

Tweet:   At the moment,   ObamaCare is on a downward path.   This is due, in part, to President Obama’s perceived lack of passion and aloofness about managing details of implementation.

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