Saturday, September 3, 2016

What Americans Want from a President

I want what I want when I want it.

Song title

I would rather be right than be President.

Henry Clay (1777-1852)

What do Americans want from a President?

·         They want fundamental change, rather than the current course which 70% of us say is going in the wrong direction.

·         They want a leader, of even but bold temperament  suited to their needs and the needs of the job.

·         They want someone who projects realistic hope and who promises realistic change, rather than vague hopes that current trajectory is self-correcting.

·         They want a person who takes action rather than just talks.

·         They want a visibly vibrant economy,  in the 3% or more annual growth range, as in previous recession recoveries since World War II.  rather than the 2% growth over the last 8 years,  with 1% growth in the last 2 quarters.

·          They want an increase in real income, rather than the stagnation in wages over the last 15 years.

·         They want energy independence, with passage of the Keystone pipeline  and openness to fracking rather than the burdensome EPA regulations on all manners of fossil fuels and coal mining.

·         They want an end to the 600 or so massive regulations  that have hampered small business and start-ups, rather than the government controls that attempe to control business practices.

·         They want a cut in the corporate income tax of 35%, the highest in the world,  and the taxing of profits made abroad,  rather than the incentives of American corporation to move their headquarters and workers to other countries.

·         They want affordable health care and freedom to chose their physicians,  hospitals, and health plans,  rather than the current system which will  result in a average 23% increase in premiums in 2017,  with narrowing of provider networks,  and restriction of choice to one state.

·         They want decisive actions on ending the rise of ISIS and other terrorist organizations,  and temporary  restrictions of  potentially  hostile immigrants  from certain nations, even if those actions call for troops on the ground,   rather than hesitant,  temporizing  activities which have been largely ineffective. 

·         They want  deportation of illegal immigrants  and stoppage of the wave of immigrants crossing our borders, and closing of sanctuary cities,  but are hesitant to depart  illegal immigrants who have settled over a period of years in the U.S,  rather than massive deportation of all illegal immigrants.

·         They want an emphasis on commonsensical nationalism rather than  open-border globalism but are fully knowledgeable  that no one can change the cultural changes  that the Internet and information explosion has wrought across national borders and among our own citizens. 

·         They want  changes in policy and politics that emanate from the bottom-up rather than the top-down in Washington, from the plebes rather than the elites.

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