Saturday, September 17, 2016

Demonization of Trump and His Followers:

Going to Hell in a Deplorables Basket

In her latest attempt to demonize Donald Trump by portraying him unfit or the Presidency, Hillary Clinton has declared that half of his supporters are “racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic” and fall into a “basket of deplorables” and are irredeemable “ and “not American.”  That pretty much covers the hate-mongering bigotry landscape.

Half   of Trump  backers make up roughly 20% of the U.S. populations.  These supporters are thought to include conservatives,  white males,  veterans,  policemen, evangelicals,  blue collar workers,  people dissatisfied with the status quo,  workers have lost income over the last 20 years,   65% to 70% of citizens who think the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction,   consumers unhappy with ObamaCare,  anti-Hillary millenials,  those unhappy with the erosion of traditional values, and those of us who inhabit center-right America.

These Trumpites are wondering.   Am I a deplorable?   How do I know if I’m deplorable?  If I don’t hate anybody, can I still be categorized as a deplorable?  Am I irredeemable – a lost cause, beyond restoration as a caring human being? Is there any hope for me?

Well,  to the  condescending elite,  you may be a deplorable if you exhibit the these behavioral  traits:

If you believe in:

·         Being incorrect, i.e. challenging the views of the current administration.

·         You insist on standing for the national anthem.

·         You  know all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.

·         If you use your own money to pay, rather than an EBT card,

·         If you call an Islamic terrorist, an Islamic terrorist.

·         If you do not believe Global Warming is settled science.

·         If you believe  in the Keystone pipeline and fracking as  ways to  lower energy costs and make America energy independent.

·         If you say “Merry Christmas.”

·         If you believe you should show some form of ID to vote.

·         If you think the National Debt is a problem for future generations.

·         If you want to keep your doctor and have a choice of health plans across state lines.

·         If you believe all individuals are different and their behavior cannot be homogenized and standardized, i.e.,  all voters don’t fit into the same deplorable basket.

·         If you believe you have the right to fly the American flag in your front yard.

·         If you believe America is an exceptional nation, where individualism and freedom transcend government control.

·         If you don’t think you should have to press “1” for English when seeking information.

·         If you believe immigrants should take a pledge to uphold American laws and values.

·         If you maintain the will of the people should prevail over the will of the elite.


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