Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ObamaCare News Last Five Years
Over the last 5 years,  I have written 2480 blogs at my Medinnovation and Health Reform website
News items inform many  of these blogs.  I estimate that 80% of these news items contain bad news about ObamaCare implementation, with the exception being reduced numbers of uninsured,  which declined from 33 million to 29 million in 2015 and by 20 million since 2010.
Reporting bad news is inherent in news coverage. Bad news sells better than good news.   All the news that’s fit to print is  often  bad, of your your ideology or your position on health reform
Today is no exception.

News items today include:

·         Nobody Can Predict the Outcome of This Election 

·         Employers’ Average Premium Costs Are $18,000 for Families

·         Washington’s Wake-up Call

·         Another ObamaCare Co-Op Fails,  Leaving Only Six
·         ObamaCare Insurers’ Exit Being Felt in Battleground States

·         MACRA Trojan Horse for Value-Based Care

·         Can ObamaCare Be Fixed?

Uncertainly rules the day.  ObamaCare’s fate hinges on the election.   Soaring premium may influence the outcome.
The health exchanges are in deep trouble with insurers abandoning many states,  leaving 31% of America’s 3000 counties with only one plan. 
The young are not signing  up for exchanges because premiums cost twice at much as remaining uninsured and taking the $695 premium hit and because you wait to sign up when you get sick.   

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