Thursday, September 22, 2016


Confessions of a White American

I am an educated male white American.   I confess I have misgivings about being labeled as a bigoted racist,  sexist, homophobe,  xenophobe. 
I  do not regard myself as bigoted, either to the left or right.   I wince when either candidate calls the other a bigot, as a person who is utterly intolerant of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from not his own.
In America, everyone is entitled to his own opinion, and I respect their point of view.   This applies to blacks,  yellows, browns, and Muslims, no matter what beliefs or religious views they hold.   I am, however, offended when they carry these views to extremes, either by rioting, murder,  discrimination,  or hayhem, as was the case in the New York City pressure cooker bombs or the riots in Charlotte.
I am not a sexist, one who discriminates against women by thinking they are only fit for housework, raising children, or being subservient to men. Those days are long gone.  Women are equal to men, and in many respects, superior. Women make great doctors,  lawyers,  managers, chief executives,  politicians, and national leaders.
I detest homophobia.  Like most others,  I have dear friends and relatives that are gay, or as we like to say who are part of the LGBT community.    I have no hang-ups about them being allowed to marry or to hold responsible positions in teaching,  scouting, or other responsible positions.
I am not a xenophobe.  Come on in, as millions have done before you.   Do it legally.  Do it by pledging allegiance to American values.  Do it by becoming a responsible American citizens.   I would prefer you become assimilated, but I will understand if you want to retain the aspects of your native culture.    I hope you will learn English, and I’s sure you will, as second generation immigrants invariable do.
I  confess I am more of a nationalist than a globalist, and I do not believe in open borders.   But I believe globalism is here to stay and will accelerate with the social media and universal interconnectiveness.   But this should not be done by sacrificing privacy.  Certain things are best kept private, personal, and confidential.
I am what I am, but please don’t call me bigoted.   I am open minded, but I cannot remain close-mouthed on every issue.   There are limits to my tolerance and my compassion.   Some things are my own business and should remain so.   Individuality and personal freedom are, after all, fundamental American values.  They make us who we are.

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