Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Kind of Duck is Obama?
A Washington-based reporter thinks President Obama  is not only a lame duck but an insane duck ( Matthew Continetti, “The Lamest Duck,” Washington Free Beacon.  January 8, 2015)
Explains Continetti:
“We have entered a most dangerous period of the Obama presidency. It’s not just that every rogue actor from Kim and Putin and Castro to Maduro and Khamenei and Xi knows he has one last year to behave badly without fear of reprisal. It’s that the president and his team are isolated, aloof, detached from reality.”

“They think a climate deal is a rebuke to terrorism. They think the response to jihad in San Bernardino is to ‘close the gun-show loophole.’ They think a new communications strategy will convince the public that the war against ISIS is going well. I don’t question Obama’s sincerity. I question his sanity.”

I respectfully disagree.

I think President Obama wants the public to think of him as an activist calm duck – calmly  passing climate change legislation, calmly  making peace with Iran, calmly protecting  us from guns of armed citizens , calmly  winning the war against ISIS.

Obama will seek to hide from  critics trying to downplay his legacy/  He will paddle furiously under the surface to ward off those evil Republicans, and others who don’t understand the magnitude and magnificence of what he is doing on their behalf,  on peace with Islam,  and on the behalf of the planet.    

Above all,   Obama does not want to be known as  a wild duck, desperate to do anything that would distract from his legacy as a high-minded, heaven-bound savior of human kind rather than as a president who left the world in a mess.

What do wild ducks do?   They “Go plunging right to the bottom… as deep as they can get.   Hold on with their beaks to the weeds and stuff  and all the other messes you find down there.   Then they never come up again.”   (Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906),  The Wild Duck).

President Obama understandably does not want to be remembered  as a lame duck,  an insane  duck, a wild  duck or a dead duck, but as serene, cerebral duck gliding smoothly   towards  a  distant shore.

I close with this verse:

Is President Obama a lame duck?

Is he destined to be a dead duck?

Will he glide to the end of his term?

Will he to his distant visions hold firm?

Does his lowly job approval rating,

indicate his power is quickly abating?

Will the ACA see its final death knell?

Only next November election will tell.

Should  the GOP pass a repeal bill,

He’ll grab his pen and go for the kill.

We’ll know at his desk the buck stops,

We’ll know health law’s repeal flops,

Again, will Obama be a lame duck?

Or will he be a political dead duck

I’ll wager when push comes to shove,

He’ll strive to be none of the above.

He doesn't want the Obamanation,

To be remembers as an abomination.

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