Monday, January 11, 2016

ObamaCare Repeal and Critical Mass Argument
Democrats and Republicans are in a race  to determine what constitutes a critical mass of the population insured by ObamaCare.    If a certain mass of the population is reached at which   half  the population – friend, neighbor, or fellow worker – knows someone who has become legitimately  insured by the ACA,  it  may be too late  politically to repeal. the health law.
In USA Today,  Jill Lawrence argues we may be reaching that point (“The End of ObamaCare Repeal,” January 11, 2015).
She make these points.
·         In 1992, 42% said they personally knew someone who was gay or lesbian. By 2010, that figure had risen to 87%. 

·         In 2014,  among Latinos,  one third knew an illegal immigrant who had been deported.  Today two-thirds know of a deportee. 

·         ObamaCare  insures 7.8 million young people under 26 insured under their parents’ health plan, an estimated 25 million people with pre-existing conditions,  12 million below or slightly above the poverty line now on Medicaid.
Put these numbers together,  which may be reaching some 25% to 30% of  the population, and soon most of us will know someone who has been gainfully insured under ObamaCare.
We may be reaching a political critical mass where there will be no turning back, no change of repealing ObamaCare, even with a GOP President and GOP majorities in the House and Senate.

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