Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The State of Disunion
Last night in his last State of the Union address,  President Obama said his greatest regret was his inability  to heal the partisan divide.   He neglected to say he has contributed to this divide by ignoring Congress and issuing sweeping executive actions.    He seemed disconnected with reality on this issue and others, like the threat of ISIS, which he said was limited to a few demented fanatics  riding in the back of pick-up trucks  and working in apartments and garages  plotting isolated terror attacks which pose no threat to America.  The truth is ISIS has expanded to a world-wide terror network.    Obama then proceeded  to lecture Americans  on doing the right thing,  being civil, and acting in unison  while he remained ensconced  in the White House bubble  proclaiming  America’s incredibly strong and growing economy and universally respected world leadership. Perhaps his speech should have been called the State of Disuunion or the State of Denial,  take your pick.

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