Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hearts vs Heads
The Congressional Business Office (CBO) has estimated ObamaCare sign-ups in the final, third,  and last sign-up period in the Obama administration will fall 40% short of what the CBO originally projected,  13 million rather than 20 million.   Of the 13 million who signed on,  11 million received subsidies.  These subsidies will cost $56 billion in 2016 for a total of $56 billion,  with the $56 billion expected to double within the decade, if ObamaCare remains intact.   This sign-up shortfall poses political challenges for Democrats and other health law advocates and will leave an estimated 30 million uninsured.

O say what can you say
Of debate’s early sway
Of paid-for coverage
vs  excess gov baggage

Who will the winner be
What will the costs be

Will it be the heart-felt
With blows reality has dealt
Premiums beyond control
Beyond people’s bankroll
But who feel for the uninsured
For what they have endured

Or will it be the hard-heads
With their dread of the feds
Who can’t make promises
To calm doubting Thomas’s

The hearts  believe in their heart
The deal  will never  come apart
A government  deal is a sealed  deal

No one should go without a free meal.

They know  those subsidized 
Are  really hostages in disguise
The public will never allow
The Left  to the right to kowtow.
Or permit those on the mean streets,
To go without special federal treats.
But alas, those with cool heads
Say Obamacare is in shreds.
The  solution is to scrap the health law.
By swinging a solid right to the jaw.



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