Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ObamaNation Defined

I am working on a book to be entitled ObamaNation and ObamaCare.

I define ObamaNation as follows.

·         A Nation where a coalition of minorities becomes the majority.

·         A Nation where everybody pays their “fair share of taxes,  taxes directly proportional to income without loopholes.

·         A Nation where top-down government control has priorities  over bottom-up individual liberties.

·         A Nation where equal outcomes  trump equal opportunities, no matter what one’s skill levels or achievements.

·         A Nation where everyone has equal and open access to health care , regardless of economic status.

·         A Nation with universal health care coverage that pays doctors on the basis of “value”,  data based-outcomes of populations rather than individual  patient choice.

·         A Nation where physicians  are considered wards of the government and must accept all patients on government programs .

·         A Nation that is not “exceptional”  and in merely  an equal with all other nations, and must only act with their permission.

·         A Nation with power centralized in Washington rather than in the States which have no choice but to move to the beat of the Federal drummer.

·         A Nation of open borders where the term “illegal” or “undocumented” immigrants is passé ,  where all immigrants have protected sanctuaries, and where all immigrants,  no matter how they arrived,   are guaranteed a path to work, to live freely, to receive government benefits, and to qualify as future  citizens.

·         A Nation without engagement in any wars,  with “no boots on the ground,  and with an aim of achieving peace  and good diplomatic relationships at any price.


·         A Nation,  conceived in Liberty,  now dedicated to the proposition that all men are   created equal and shall remain s0 even they try to rise  and exercise that liberty.



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