Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Health Care Rift
Democratic Rift Spurs Questions about ObamaCare’s Future.
Nancy Cook,  Politico, January 19, 2015

A rift is causing Dem party splitting and fissure

With disagreements about ObamaCare’s future

Hillary insists ACA changes must be  incremental

Bernie desists, he says they must be fundamental
She believes the changes must be evolutionary

He maintains the shift must be revolutionary

More than half of Americans oppose the law

False promises and defects stick in their craw

The big loser, say critics,  isn’t Hillary or Bernie

It’s the health law itself  that’s on the gurney

Both say the health law has weaknesses

High costs, too many middle class losses

She asserts the law can be fixed and endured

He wails 29 million can’t remain uninsured

Even Democrats don’t like the law that much

The GOP  finds it poisoness to the  touch

She wants to make it easier for all to afford.

He seeks a free-for-all, to throw it overboard

He believes if we soak the rich and tax the rest

For $14 trillion, we’ll have a system that’s best

She wants to put a cap on prescription drugs

He seeks to throw out all profit-making thugs

She has her eyes on winning the general election

He has his sights on a socialistic insurrection

It’s still the same old story
The fight for love and glory
As the Sinatra song goes

It’s in its mortal throes
It’s a case of do or die
As more time goes by
It’s a bet on government utopia
Pitted against market myopia
It’s unrequited love for a legacy
Treated by others like leprosy

Its trouble lies in its unilateral making

With consequent collateral unmaking

What started as a social gift

Has become an unsocial rift

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