Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Law of Trump in Iowa

This the law of Trump in Iowa, that only the
  strong shall thrive,
That only the weak shall perish, and only the fit,
Dissolute, damned and disrespectful,  insulted,
  defamed  and slain,
This is the Will of Trump in Iowa- Lo, how he
  makes it plain.
Before the debate , in a solo game, sat Dangerous
   Don McTrump,
And watching his luck was his light-o-hate, the lady
   Megyn  he knew as a frump.
He was grim and cold, he was bad and bold

He was dangerous Don McTrump

And while dangerous Don was a-playin’ his hand

And keeping his mind on his game

You could see standing back  with the TV glare  in her eye

Was the lady Megyn he knew as a frump.

Then out of the night which was twenty below

And into the din and the glare

A man called Ted Cruz swaggered in

And his face was filled with malice

Now he looked all around until he had found

And his eyes they burned

On dangerous Don McTrump

Then suddenly wham! All the lights went out

And a voice cried “Exit , I  must!”

And then a woman screamed and a voice rang out

And somebody fled before the debate

And then the lights flashed on

And the Fox News posse

Came a-crashin’ through

They raised their voices and they yelled

“Which one is dangerous Don Mc Trump?”

And then somebody said “well hi there!”

And skipped across the floor

A-one, two, skip, hand across lip

Right out through the open door

Now was it the stranger Cruz  a-takin’ his leave?

Or the lady known as Megyn the frump?

It was nobody else in this whole wide world

But dangerous Don Mc Trump.

Courtesy and Apologies to Robert Service (1874-1958). The Law of the Yukon and Dangerous Dan McGrew