Monday, July 28, 2014

VA Deal Reached

See how the World rewards its Veterans!

Alexander Pope (1688-1744), Moral Essay

Just when it seemed the do-nothing Congress we do nothing, it did something. Just before its five week August recess, which will be devoted on how to prepare for the midterms, it reached agreement on a $17 million deal on how to clean up the VA mess.

The mess plaguing the 1000 hospital and clinic system were the unconscionable wait times for veterans to see a doctor, during which 1000 or so are said to have died. All told, 46,000 waited more than 3 months to be seen, and 7,000 were never seen after they applied. It was generally agreed that once they were seen, they received excellent care.

Of the $17 million, $10 million will go to being seen by private doctors outside the system, especially for veterans living more than 40 miles away from a VA facility; $5 million will be appropriated to hire new doctors, nurses, and other health care personnel; $1.5 billion will go for leasing 27 new clinics; and an unspecified amount will be spent for scholarships for veterans and for loans for in state tuition.

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