Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Obama Impeachment as Fundraising Tactic

Dems Can’t Stop Talking About Impeaching President Obama

Mike Lillis, title of article in The Hill, July 29, 2014

Think about it, threat of impeachment,
Is heaven made for demagogic preachment.

Boehner may call impeachment talk a "scam".
But to Dems, it’s verbal battering ram.

You can call Obama’s critics racists,
You can even call them Tea Party fascists.

When Boehner proposes to sue the President,
Dems know what he has in mind isn’t pleasant.

The prez says, go ahead: sue me, impeach me.
He knows odds for success will not come to be.

Besides, in the land of Obama milk and honey,
Talk of impeachment raises gobs of money.

And if the President is expert at anything,
He's an expert on the fund raising thing.

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