Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jonathon Gruber, ObamaCare Chief Adviser, Pulls Foot out of Mouth

Foot-in-mouth disease - Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.


Halbig-Burwell's court of appeals decision,
Is undergoing liberal revision.

The court said only states could offer a subsidy.
That decision, says the left, was a right-wing atrocity.

ObamaCare’s authors say they had a lapse.
A momentary language relapse.

The law did not really mean what it said,
The law, you see, was not meant to be read.

What matters is what was truly meant,
Let not its intent by critics be bent.

But now Obama's chief adviser, Gruber of MIT.
Who is no fawning, modest Walter Mitty,

Is quoted as saying in twenty twelve,
In an off-the-cuff remark off the shelve.

Before Chief Justice Roberts had made his rule.
That states need not join the Medicaid pool.

Gruber said states should set up their own exchanges,
So as to into federal budgets dig their phalanges.

He now says he put his foot in his mouth,
His mind, in a meandering moment, went south.

What he said was one of those human mistakes.
It was a comment which he now forsakes.

With the ACA, loose lips may not sink the ship.
But it’s telling from whose lips came the slip.

For Gruber to err was no doubt human,
To now take his foot from his mouth shows his acumen.

And maybe what was originally written,
Was not a mistake by the reform-minded smitten.

In the end subsidies will cost $1 trillion a year,
That, we must all admit, is no small beer.

$1 trillion a year is no small matter,
As part of the federal budget batter.


Adam Serwer, "Adviser's Past Remarks Could Give ObamaCare Headache," MSNBC, July 26, 2014

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