Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Flock of IRS Smidgens and Pigeons

“There is not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.”

President Barack Obama

At what point does a flock of smidgens become irrefutable evidence that deserves an independent investigation.

Ed Rogers, “Insiders: More Smidgens Show Up,” Washington Post, July 11, 2014

The latest report on a Lois Lerner email urging IRS colleagues to be cautious about targeting of conservatives has ignited a new series of speculations about the IRS scandal.

• “Caution” at the IRS, Boston Herald, July 12

• “Second Federal Judge Tells IRS to Explain Lost Lerner Emails” ABC News, Yahoo News, Fox News, July 11

• “More IRS Smidgens Show Up,” Washington Post, July 11

A smidgen is defined as a very small amount,

So small, says Obama, as to be of no account.

There is no corruption, no hint of scandal,

Nothing his administration can’t handle.

He hopes to snuff out the scandal candle.

He seeks to transmit the clear message,

That Lois Lerner is not a presage,

Not a harbinger of things to come,

Not an indicator of any IRS scum.

Her lost emails are an IT accident,

Simply an isolated online incident.

This may be true if it happened once,

But not when her emails vanish in a bunch.

Not when IRS and WH birds of a feather,

Invariably, always,tend to flock together.

Smidgen, regrettably, rhymes with pigeon.

Mention "smidgen," and speak scandal pidgin.

Critics often make a compelling case.

Although it is partisan and base,

That Lois Lerner is simply a clay pigeon,

Taking the fall as Obama’s stool pigeon.