Thursday, July 31, 2014

ObamaCare Consequences Reported This Last Day of July

Laws have consequences.


• Spending $15 billion more of government funds for doctor training will go disproportionally to Northeastern teaching hospitals, critics assert.

• Just 6 states and D.C. will use new Medicaid money to raise pay of primary care doctors.

• is not yet ready to enroll more people on November 15, 2014 – next signup period- due to multiple flaws on back-end of website.

• Government Accounting Office (GAO) concludes was badly planned , had insufficient oversight, and was poorly implemented, despite $840 million spent on its oversight and implementation.

• GOP-led House of Representatives votes 225-201 to sue Obama in first-of-its-kind lawsuit over historic constitutional checks-and-balance fight. Obama says it’s time to stop “hating;” GOP says there’s a time for hate and a time for lawyers.

• House of Representatives easily approves long-over-due VA $17 billion overhaul providing private care outside VA, hiring of more doctors and nurses, and rewriting rules to fire 5 senior executives.

• Humana, Wellpoint, and Cigna report lower earning or losses due to recent ObamaCare signups and higher than expected enrollments of sick, women, and older people, setting stage for health plan bailouts. Sign-up problems may sldo cause sharp spikes in health care premiums.

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