Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Great Mistakes

In war there is no room for two mistakes.

Lamachus, Athenian general, in Plutarch’s Moralia

That’s the problem with this White House. Barack Obama is the hero of their narrative, but he is not supposed to be. The hero of every political narrative is the voters.

Ron Fornier, “It’s Not All About You," The National Journal, July 15, 2014

In his war against his political opponents, President Obama has made two great mistakes.

One, he and his party sneakily passed ObamaCare, a massive piece of social legislation, involving all the people, against unanimous opposition of a party representing roughly half the people. Forever more, this brazen, foolhardy political maneuver hardened political enmity and resistance. It showed with Obama there is no middle ground, no room for negotiation. It is his way or the highway. Unfortunately for Obama, the highway is not straight and narrow. It changes direction every two to four years, and he may find himself on the shoulder or even off the road.

Two, the Presidency is not about Obama. It is not about him. It is not about his ideology. It is not about humiliating or stiff-arming Republicans. It is not about blaming others. It is not about showing you are a regular guy, appearing on talk shows, shooting pool or drinking beer with the boys, playing golf at every opportunity, hobnobbing with celebrities, constantly raising money for the Party, attending all those Hollywood and New York City parties. It is not about whether you are black or white or Hispanic. It is not about wars against women or minorities. It is not about your image. It is about America's image in the world. It is about paying attention to the business of the Presidency, and to the state of America's businesses, upon which our prosperity depends. It is about the welfare of struggling Americans – the old, the young, the well, the sick, the employers, fulltime and part-time workers, and the unemployed. It is about the American people – their present, their future, their hopes, their dreams.

Mr. President. It is not about you. It is about us. It is about We The People. It is not about you and the government. It is about We, the governed.

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