Saturday, July 5, 2014

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and the Immigration Crisis

I have a son, Spencer, a poet and a priest,
Who spent a year in the Belly of the Beast,

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras largest city,
Where poverty prevails and life is gritty,

It is the murder capital of the world,
Where mayhem upon people is unfurled,

Spencer went there to teach orphan girls poetry,
So they could express their inner despair mostly,

Out of his year came three communications,
Showing the girls’ levels of quiet desperation,

A book of poems, a website, and a documentary.
Revealing childrens’ human needs as elementary.

Causing parents and kids to cross Mexico,
On foot and in smugglers’ trucks in stow.

To escape murder, prostitution, and crime,
Spencer thought their anguish could be told in rhyme,

To see why, visit the orphanage website, Our Little Roses.
And you will see what goes under our Border’s noses.

And why those who live there,
Will do anything to get here.

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