Friday, March 7, 2014

ObamaCare Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Necessity hath no law.  Foreign necessities, imaginary necessities….make pretences to break  known rules by.

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Report to Parliament (1654),  four years before his beheading

President Obama has fallen into the routine of issuing executive orders to satisfy public outcries against ObamaCare and to protect vulnerable Democrats in the upcoming midterms.

The media is having a field day reporting on this systematic rule-breaking  which theoretically and constitutionally should pass through Congress first before being approved.   
In thr latest ObamaCare rule breaking,  the media is concentrating on the administration's 2-year extensions for cancelled health plans until 2017, when a new President will have to grapple with the issue.

Here is how  the March 7 Kaiser Health News reports the rule changes in today’s report.

Administration Unveils New Round Of Health Law Rule Changes 

"Among the wide-ranging set of changes, the one drawing the most attention is the Obama administration's decision to allow some consumers to keep health coverage into 2017 that does not comply with the overhaul's minimum standards. Other changes include an extension of next year's enrollment period, more backup for plans in insurance exchanges dealing with high patient costs and more time for states deciding whether to run their own marketplaces. "

"The Obama administration released a broad set of regulation changes to the health law to give some consumers additional time to stay in plans that do not comply with all the coverage requirements and all consumers more time to enroll in coverage come 2015."

These rule breaking sea changes are an exercise in defusing a political time bomb.

Tweet:   The Obama administration has announced a series of rule-breaking sea changes in its health law to make ObamaCare more politically palatable.

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