Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Latest  Health Care Polls and the American Creed

A good place to start to remember we are pro-democracy and anti-government. It comes down to ideas that are essentially anti-authority and tend toward self-regulation. It there were an American creed, it might begin.

The American Creed

One, Government is best that governs least.

Two, majority rule.

Three, equality of opportunity.

Garry Orren, a professor of political science at Brandeis, who polls for the New York Times and Washington Post

The average of the latest national polls, as compiled by Real Clear Politics, are:  Oppose 52.1%, Favor 38.6%,  Oppose/Favor  + 13.5%

What do these numbers say about our Creed?

Our government doesn’t govern least, agreed?

On health care, the majority doesn’t rule,

When you add up those in the voter pool.

And as for equal opportunity, 

All must be equal in the community.

Tweet:   Under Obama health law, America’s creed has become - government is best that governs most, minority rules,  and equality of results, no opportunity, counts most

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