Friday, March 28, 2014

President Obama Announces Six Million Have Signed Up for Insurance

Experts say national data on enrollment in new insurance marketplaces doesn’t mean that much.

Kaiser Health News Capsule, March 28, 2014

 The administration has the data but doesn’t want to release it because it would derail their narrative that Obamacare has reached a point where something meaningful has happened.

Ed Rogers, "The Insiders: Is ObamaCare Working?"  Washington Post,  March 28, 2014

If experts say the numbers don’t mean much,

Then how pray tell  do people stay in touch.

With the raging health care mandate debate?

How will the public know the health law’s fate?

I would like to make these modest suggestions.

The answers lie in answers to these questions.

To which the fed government  knows the answers,

But chooses to play the game as data dancers.

How many who enrolled  paid first premium?

That answer does not require a spiritual medium.

How many  of them were young and  healthy?

To answer that you need not be stealthy.

How many were previously uninsured.

That number too need not be obscured.

Tweet:   Experts say the six million figure that have enrolled in ObamaCare do not mean that much, then what does?

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