Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hybrid Direct Pay Primary Care Business Model,  Concierge Medicine in a Traditional Practice

Primary care does not cost that much.  About 90% of what most patients need can be accomplished at primary care… Unbundling cheap primary from expensive primary care would bring catastrophic care health prices crashing down.

Lee Gross, MD,  Family Physician,  Epiphany Health, North Port, Florida

I recently interviewed Dr. Lee Gross for an upcoming Medinnovation blog post. He has developed a new primary care business model by superimposing a concierge model on his traditional practice.   To his surprise and contrary to conventional wisdom, he says concierge medicine appeals to the uninsured, to unsubsidized ObamaCare exchange patients, and to Medicaid recipients. 

Among its other features,  his concierge practice offers the following:

      For $83 a month ($152 for a couple and $49 per additional dependent child), with no copays or deductibles, 25 office visits per year, covering all primary care needs, including annual physicals, pap tests, mammograms, prostate and colorectal screenings, routine labs work, sutures, skin surgeries, and vaccines.

·        Annually, a comprehensive metabolic profile, complete blood count, lipid profile, and thyroid panel.

Tweet:  In an upcoming Medinnovation blog post,  I will print an interview with a primary care practitioner who concurrently practices concierge and traditional medicine.

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