Thursday, March 6, 2014

Patient Choices of Outside Networks

Despite the fact that so many Americans are already in selective networks, they are nervous that the Affordable Care Act, which I helped design as an adviser to the Obama administration, will further restrict their choice of doctors or make them pay higher out-of-network charges. But selective networks themselves are not a problem. The problem is that not all networks are of consistently high quality.

Ekekiel Emanuel, MD,  “In Health Care, Choice Is Overrated,” New York Times, March 6, 2014

Patients shouldn’t worry about lack of choice,

Saith Ekekiel, ObamaCare’s most vocal voice,

Instead, they should worry about networks’

access to  outside second opinions as perks,

To networks’  of adequacy and transparency,

Above all else,  to government endorsed quality.

Tweet:  Ekekiel Emanuel. MD, ObamaCare architect, says health plans should include  choices of networks wotj  adequacy, transparency, quality, and 2nd opinions outside their current networks.

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