Friday, March 7, 2014

Health Reform Shorts

This is the short and long of it.

Shakespeare (1564-1616)

· Head Rolls -  Gary Cohen, U.S. official in charge of ObamaCare health exchanges has resigned.   He oversaw exchanges and testified before Congress launch would be smooth.  House Republicans told him he should be fired.  Instead, he retired.

·         Delays, Sign-Up Woes, Mount as Enrollment Deadline Nears -  With three weeks to go, concerns are mounting about website security, the fact only 10% of  previously uninsured have signed on,  the avoidance of  sign-ons by young and healthy,  and the fact that 4 million,  not the projected 7 million, to make it viable,  will enroll.

Republican Alternative Proposal -  The proposal would retain popular ACA provisionsn, use premium  tax credits, make small group premiums more affordable, support state Medicaid  block grants,  enlarge risk pools, repeal individual mandate, expand health savings accounts,  encourage interstate insurance sales,  and  promote malpractice reform

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