Saturday, March 15, 2014

Short Takes on Health Reform

Take the sweet with the sour.


With 2 weeks to go before March 31 ObamaCare enrollment period ends,  here are short takes where health law stands.

·         Dana Milbank, “ Young People Abandon Law, “ Washington Post,  Young people aren’t signing up.  They are connected online and are loyal  to each other, but not to any institution or any political party or to President Obama.

·         Jay Sekulow,  “It’s Impossible To Enforce An Unworkable Law,” Fox News,  ObamaCare is changing so far,  largely due to President’s changes, that the law might not even exist, so says Sekulow,  chief counsel for the Center of Law and Justice, which is challenging IRS targeting of conservative groups.

·         Amanda Bennett, “ Book Review: Reinventing American Health Care, by Ekekiel Emaneul, “ Washington Post,   Mixed review.  Bennett says book is logical and historically informative, but off-based in predicting future, e.g. massive closure of US hospitals.
·         Lizzy Smith,  “Fix ObamaCare; Don’t Repeal It, “ Chicago Tribune,  The author, a 46 year old myeloma victim, says ObamaCare isn’t perfect, but protects patients with pre-existing illnesses.

·         Orange County Register Editorial,  “Moving the Goal Posts,”  A negative view of Kathleen Sibelius, HHS Secretary, who keeps redefining what “success” means for ObamaCare.

·         Christopher Weaver, et al,  “Health Site Plans Deadline Leeway, “  Wall Street Journal, Users who encounter glitches, and can document them,  qualify for exemptions.

·         Justin Sink   “Obama: Enough People Have Joined To Make ObamaCare ‘Stable’” The Hill,  So says the President,  Not so,  says critics.
 Summary:   ObamaCare uncertainties persist and vary with where one stands – or sits.

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