Monday, October 28, 2013

President Obama’s Unawareness
If only I had known.
Fourth century proverb
What did the President know and when did he know it?
Question dating back to Watergate
The president lack of awareness about adverse events is astonishing.  He must live in a  isolated impenetrable bubble,  isolated from public opinion and advice from his political advisors.
Otherwise,  how could he possibly and conceivably be unaware that:
·          he did not know the IRS was targeting conservatives when the IRS head made over 150 visits to the White House over the course of a year before the scandal broke;

·         the IRS official responsible for the targeting would  operate out of the White House and would direct ObamaCare implementation;

·         where he was or what he said the night of the Benghazi attack could  not remain a  mystery because it doesn’t wash;

·         his National Security Agency was monitoring the phone calls and e-mail messages of other world leaders:

·         his promises that people could “keep their health plans and doctors, period.” was false and misleading - period;

·        online marketing of  his namesake landmark domestic achievement was unteste and not ready for primetime and would be a disaster ;

·        ObamaCare would potentially cause insurers to abruptly cancer  middle class health policies of as many as 16 million people;   

·         85% of Americans who liked their policies would not only lose their plans but their choice of doctors as well;

·         two-thirds of people in individual and small group markets  and the young and healthy would see premiums and deductibles rise and be told  government endorsed plans were “better” and would be for their own good because the new plans offered services many patients felt they did not need but others did. People are asking, "Why can't I just keep what I have?
Why did he not know these things? Was it false pride,  hubris, or arrogance?  Why did he not examine the consequences of his policies beforehand?    These mishaps and lack for foresight strain the credibility of the President’s leadership.   The president should lead and take responsibility for his administration’s actions rather than follow from behind and blame others for failed policies.

Tweet:   President Obama and defenders say he is unaware  why bad things happen to one with good intentions; ignorance is no longer a sufficient excuse.

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