Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looking Back in Anger over ObamaCare
Look Back in Anger.
John Osborne (1929-1994),  title of play (1956)
Everybody,  especially  the American public, is angry about ObamaCare and its baleful effect on the debt ceiling debate.
I am interested in the impasse because I have a book at  Westbow Press, a branch of Thomas Nelson publishers,  due out before Christmas, entitled Understanding ObamaCare.
It’s About Anger
ObamaCare is about anger-  anger over 50 million uninsured,  anger over high health costs, anger over the nature of the health law  passage,  anger over its mounting expense,  anger over its broken promises,  anger over its unanticipated consequences, anger over its effect on the full-time economy,  anger over misinformation and lack of information,  anger over failure of political parties to compromise and reach a consensus.
Source of Anger
This anger dates back to the parliamentary chicanery surrounding its passage without a single GOP vote and without consulting Republicans.   Anger over the health law was responsible for the Tea Party rise and Democratic loss of the House of Representatives.  Anger boiled over into the 2012 Presidential campaign.    Anger fueled  use of words like “anarchists,” “terrorists,” “extremists, ” and “right wing nuts”  to describe the Tea Party.  Anger culminated in the House-Senate-Presidential-Red State standoff, partial government shutdown. and threat of government default.
Momentary Insanity

Anger is momentary insanity.  What begun as anger has ended in hurt for Veterans and government employees and  shame of both political parties.   In the case of ObamaCare the greatest remedy may be delay with negotiation.
Tweet:   Anger has fueled debate over ObamaCare and led to partial government shutdown and the threat of government debt default.

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