Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 ObamaCare Marketing Strategy: One Size Fits All
One size fits all.
 Marketing Strategy, and a cliché that has been in common use  for five decades
As I view cancelling of health policies for millions on the individual market, who represent 7% of Americans under age 65,  these thoughts spring to mind.
These cancellations reflect a political philosophy that says,
·         Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you.

·         Government knows best, you do not know what is good for you.

·         Only government knows what is good for your health.

·         It’s not what you want or need or are willing to pay for, it’s what government wants you to have and what  you must pay for.

·         No matter what you think you need, you must pay for what others need.

·         It is not whether; don't dither; it’s what you  must do;  we are all in this together.

·         Birds of different feathers must flock together.

·         In the name of  equity, government plans are “better”  because they cover every eventuality,  everybody must have more comprehensive plans, even if they are more expensive;   it's all right for the White House to tell an untruth as long as it is for your own good.

·         Everyone is the same,  regardless of gender, age, or health, or risk, and whether one has been on a bender.

·         You can’t keep the plan you like,  only the plan the government likes.

·         If you like your plan, forget it.

·         Individual  choice or freedom of choice  has no place or space in the scheme of things; that’s up for government to decide.

·         Health plans are the enemy because  insurance rests on the assumption that calculating premiums is based on risk.

·         In an equitable society, relative risk is the enemy,  absolute security, government-guaranteed,  is the goal.

·         Health care  profits are the enemy of government.

·         Everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others, if they agree with your policies; government never wavers but it reserves the right to waiver, 

·         Therefore,  consequently, and axiomatically,  one must standardize,  homogenize, equalize,  normalize, and bring all down to one size that fits all.

·         Everybody must have essentially the same coverage, and only government can dictate, pardon, mandate, what that coverage is and how much it costs.

Tweet:   Cancellation of millions of policies in individual markets is  a conscious government decision to reduce all policies to one size fits all.

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