Sunday, October 6, 2013

Obamacare Train: Pandemonium at Union Train Station
Pandemomonium , city and proud seat of Lucifer.
John Milton (1608-1674), Paradise Lost
If one defines “pandemonium” as a place of riotous uproar and utter chaos,’ Washington D.C. qualifies, and no more place qualifies more  than the Union Train  Station in the nation's capitol ,  where the ObamaCare fabled train figuratively sits.
ObamaCare,  if you’ll recall from the  Senator Baucus remark at at Congressional hearing, was going to be a “train wreck.”  The train wreck has not occurred yet.  But the train has not left the station either.   Signup for the health law are a “trickle not a wave, “ and electronic links between Washington and those state capitol stations administering Medicaid programs  across the land have been delayed until November 1.
Journalists  concentrating on ObamaCare train departure describe the widely anticipated departure as “unsettled,” “unsettling,” “challenging,” and “frustrating.”  They say the administration is “wrestling” with “implementation, “ and with  its countless and indeterminate  “bugs”“glitches, ” and “delays.”
The train’s chief engineer,  spokesperson, and defender President Obama,  is quoted as saying  to the Amerian people, “ Definitely don’t give up. Folks are working around the clock and have been systematically reducing the wait times."
While  all this talk is going on,  one gains the impression  that no one knows what will happen,  whether the train will eventually roll smoothly out of  the station;  whether it wlll move eventually  into the pantheon of federally indispensable  programs, like Medicare and Social Security;  whether it will wreck and collapse into a unworkable  heap;  or indeed, whether new tracks will be laid, or are being laid through some last minute compromise, before the railroad company defaults on its debts, which will surely soar past $17 trillion  towards $20 trillion in 2020,  as expenses mount towards building a more extensive and expensive railroad system.  

About all we do know as of now  is that the public regards Congress as the Lucifer, the devil in the woodwork, the train-wrecker of  health reform.   Only 10% of Americans approve of the performance of Congress.
Tweet: At the moment,  pandemonium reigns in Washington, D.C. as the Obamacare train begins its departure, its destination unclear.

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