Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama’s Three Sacred Cows
Something considered to be exempt from criticism or questioning, inviolable
Sacred Cow
A reader asks, “Explain to me in 100 words or less why no movement exists in the government shutdown standoff.”
OK,  here goes in a short verse:

President Obama worships three sacred cows,
Which he will never purposefully choose to rouse,
Their names are ObamaCare, Medicare, Social Security.
He believes this sacred trio should persist until posterity.
Far from them, he will never roam,
Not even after the cows come home.
And if we should happen to default,
He can say it’s the GOP’s fault.
These three cow, he stonewalls, are untouchable.
And from their present condition are immovable.
But, say Republicans, these three aredebt drivers.
According to the council of economic advisors,
Consequently  the shutdown is  irreconcilable.

Threre, that’s 92 words,

In which I have sought brevity,
With just a touch of levity.
I have been terse,
For nothing is worse,
Than verbal longevity.

Tweet:   Obama worships 3 sacred cows – Obamacare, Medicare, and Social Security, which drive the deficit and must be altered to stop the shutdown.

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