Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Things Not Being Said During Shutdown Showdown
Not everything  is being said that should be said.

Amidst all the turmoil and name-calling over the shutdown, certain things are not being said.
·         Many of the members of the GOP-led Congress were elected in November 2010 election specifically to oppose ObamaCare.   The vote was overwhelming,  with the GOP gaining 63 seats.   That does not make those who oppose the health law “anarchists,” “extortionists,” “terrorists,” or “extremists.”  It makes them duly elected representatives of the people who deserve to have their say.

·         Early anecdotal  comments by those trying to sign up for the exchanges  indicate many  are taken back by the complexity of the process, the cost of premiums, the presence of high deductibles,    and the reality that health care under the health law will not be “free.” None of this means ObamaCare will fail.  It simply means reality has set in.

·         Those needing ObamaCare and its subsidies the most may not be literate online.   The uninsured and underinsured tend to be poorer, younger, less well-educated. They  may not own a computer or have access to one.   This does not mean they cannot learn, cannot be coached by navigators on how to sign on. It means there is “Dividing” out there among those who may not be able at present to use online healthcare marketplaces.

·         Since time in immemorial, politicians have come to Washington  “ to do politics”- to debate, horse trade,   compromise.   They do not come, expecting  to be called names,  to be accused of trying to “destroying government,” or to be accused of “caving” into demands on the other side,   The Constitution  was written in anticipation of “checks and balances” and spirited debates.   There are administration loyalists and members of the loyal opposition.  Both are dedicated to making America a better place.
Tweet:   ObamaCare advocates mistakenly assume most Americans are computer-literate & those opposed to the law do not care for poor and uninsured.

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