Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ObamaCare’s Lack of Details
Lack of details is the root of all evil.
It’s troublesome that there is so much uncertainty about the ACA this late in the game.  Some insurers want practices to sign contracts for less than current commercial rates but are unable to present detailed information about how health exchange products will be administered.
Susan Turney, MD, President and CEO,  Medical Group Management Association
According to a September 13 Gallup poll,   Americans trust in government  has  hit an all-time law of 42%.   The old expression, “Trust me.  I’m from the government” is no longer believable to most Americans.
Why is this?   In the case of ObamaCare,  the answer may be lack of detailed information.   No one, has enough details to make rational decisions.    
Not government officials, who are murky about the details  until the health exchanges roll out over the next six months.
Not the government  health exchange “hub,” which is supposed to coordinate other federal computer systems to determine who is eligible for subsidies.
Not Kathleen Sibelius,  Secretary of Health and Human Services, who says she has no earthly idea of who many have signed up and won’t know for months.
Not the state exchanges,   who can’t get the details right in their  own computer systems in order to provide details .  
Not the doctors,  about half of whom say they have not decided to accept exchange signees until they learn more about payment details.
 Not American businesses,   who hesitate to hire full-time workers until more details emerge and until the Employer Mandate becomes manifest in a year.
Not the American people themselves,  most of whom do not where or how to sign up for the exchanges , who are having trouble  wading through  the glitch ditches,  and who do not yet know the premium or deductible details. 
The Trouble

The trouble is  lack of the details and the lack of preparedness  to produce those details.   These detail lapses  may be good enough for government work, but it is not good enough for the rest of us who are wary of  the Devil in the Details.  
More corroborative details are needed to give verisimilitude   to an otherwise unconvincing  federal program. Details. Details. Those pesky little details.  That’s all we want to see.
Tweet:  Lack of details bedevil  the ObamaCare rollout. The reason?   Americans who have yet to see the details of its cost to them

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