Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twelve  Health Reforms for Consideration
It’s not enough to be against something – You must be for something.
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It is not enough to be against Obamacare.  You must be for credible sensible  alternatives that expand access, lower premium costs,   protect patients against catastrophic loss, and foster innovation.
Reforms to Consider
1.       reforms that intelligently address current problems of access and cost quickly and decisively;

2.       reforms that do not totally disrupt the health care and national economy by suppressing hiring, creating a part-time nation, aggravating  current doctor shortages, and discouraging innovation;

3.      reforms that correct Obamacare flaws but retain its positive features;

4.      reforms that allow purchases across state lines to enhance market  competition;

5.      reforms that change federal tax codes so individuals can buy insurance with pre-tax dollars,  just as businesses do;

6.      reforms that expand health savings accounts with catastrophic caps;

7.      reforms that increase funding of high-risk pools to make premiums affordable for individuals and small groups;

8.      reforms that take the federal pedal off the push for electronic health records; let doctors buy them on their own if they feel they need EHRs.

9.      reforms that do not require all plans to offer comprehensive “essential benefits” for patients who do not feel they need these “benefits.”

10.  reforms that encourage the government to push for malpractice tort reforms to protect against frivolous suites is costing the system $100 billion a year.

11.  reforms that delay Obamacare in its present form to defray its costs and adverse consequences among multiple constituencies.

12.  reforms that do not require “forced feeding” of federal mandates to make Americans comply.

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