Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Notable and Quotable:  Tony Pugh,  “Will Obamacare Rollout be Smooth or a ‘ Train Wreck,’” McClatchy Washington Bureau, August 13, 2013
Suspense in news is torture.
John Milton (1608-1674), Paradise Lost
Just seven weeks before the new state insurance marketplaces are set to open under the Affordable Care Act, it’s unclear whether the long-anticipated October rollout will be a smooth operation or the "train wreck" that some have predicted.”
“Systems testing for the marketplaces is months behind schedule, according to recent government reports. So are funding and training for navigators, the outreach and enrollment workers who’ll help people choose marketplace health plans.”
“In a final bit of down-to-the-wire drama, the data hub, which routes information from the marketplaces to various federal databases, might not get its final stamp of approval until Sept. 30, the day before people begin using the marketplaces to enroll for health coverage next year under Obamacare.”
“That timeline leaves the Obama administration and its information technology contractors virtually no margin for error as they fine-tune the system.”
“ Any unforeseen setbacks or complications at that late date might postpone the October grand opening, which would be the most embarrassing public relations stumble yet for President Barack Obama’s signature health law.”

Tweet:   Whether Obamacare rollout will be smooth or a “train wreck “ hangs in suspension and in suspense.

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