Friday, August 23, 2013

Shootout  at  the Goverment's O.K. Corral

Shutting down government because of Obamacare is a bad idea.
Such a shootout would surely bring the GOP down to one knee.

Going down to the other knee would be letting the ACA  proceed,
without its many egregious faults to concede or to  impede.

Technically defunding Obamacare is not tantamount to a government shutdown,
But Obama would portray defunding and shutdown as part of same showdown.

Delay for a year should be the name of the strategic game,
Democrats and Republicans could then share the blame.

That would give time to figure out how to compromise,
Now, wouldn’t that be an overdue pleasant surprise?

A delay is better than a gunfight at the government corral,
Such a shootout would not be good for national morale.

Tweet:  Shutting down government secondary  to defunding Obamacare is a bad idea,  delaying  it for a year to seek compromise is a better idea.


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