Monday, August 12, 2013

"Obamacare’s Vows Met and Unmet”
The Hill, August 12, 2012

The Five Vows
One, we will lower premiums for the typical family by $2500 a year.
For young and healthy and middle class, premiums  are now far
too dear, it’s clear.

Two,  the law will bend down the cost curve.
Overall health spending is  down, but how much does the bad
economy's credit deserve?

Three, if you like your plan you can keep it.
Employers have already  dropped  7 million workers  from plans,  
and more may decide to bleep it.

Four,  Obamacare will increase your health benefits.
Yes, and at the cost  of  more regulations, increased  premiums,
and personal deficits.

Five,  the law will extend benefits to 30 million people.
If 34 states don’t completely  leap without a federal parachute
from  the Medicaid steeple.

Tweet:  Has Obama delivered on health law promises? Opinions are mixed but many are  negative.

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