Thursday, August 15, 2013

Postponing  Day of Reckoning
These delays, however, don't fix the inevitable problems; instead, they string out the gloom of uncertainty that has cast a pall over the American economy. They just put off the day of reckoning until 2014, a midterm election year.
Debra Saunders,  “Delaying Obamacare’s Reckoning, “ San Francisco Chronicle,  August 15 2013

There always comes day of reckoning.
That final day of reckoning,
is still out there beckoning,

Patiently waiting for voters'  decisions,
On Obamacare and its many  provisions,

That day  will come in 2014 in November,
whether the law to keep or dismember .

Until then the economy will  tread water,
And will continue to sputter and  totter.

Until the uncertainty  of gloom.
will curtail any economic boom.

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