Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last Word: ObamaCare Explained
Do not explain too much.
William Strunk, Jr, E.B. White, The Elements of Style, 1972

I wish he would explain his explanation.
Lord Byron (1788-1824), Don Juan, 1818

“I take pride in giving the last word to  ObamaCare proponents.   Here the Obama administration in its Obamacarefacts website explains ObamaCare's rationale. I take particular exception to one statement: “Doctors and hospitals all agree, they want to keep Obamacare.” (italics mine).
This is simply untrue.  Doctors and hospitals are deeply divided on Obamacare’s merits and impacts. ObamaCare  calls for a 40% reduction if hospital and physician reimbursements over the next decade through “savings.”  When is the last time government achieved “savings” on an entitlement program? Not in my lifetime and not in yours. This is hyperbole piled high.
“ObamaCare Explained as Simply As Possible”
“Here it is, ObamaCare explained. We've been explaining ObamaCare is detail, but here's the short version of ObamaCare explained for your convenience. ObamaCare, officially called the Affordable Health Care Act.  It is a health care reform bill signed into law in 2010 By President Barack Obama. The parts of the reform laid out under ObamaCare bill is already in effect and the rest continues to roll out until 2022.”
What Does ObamaCare Do?
“ObamaCare helps tens of millions of Americans get access to affordable health insurance through expanding Medicaid and CHIP, improving Medicare and setting up a "Health Insurance Marketplace" where Americans making under 400% of the federal poverty level can purchase  subsidized insurance. ObamaCare's reforms also increase the quality of care and help to curb the growth in healthcare spending.”
“ObamaCare's provisions regulate insurance companies and health care standards, but doesn't control your health care or replace private insurance. ObamaCare lowers what most middle-to-low income Americans pay for health insurance, decreases the deficit and improves government run health care programs like Medicare by cutting out wasteful spending. ObamaCare also expands Medicaid to cover 15.9 million uninsured seniors and low-income individuals.”
ObamaCare Explained Taxes
Those who aren't covered under Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare will have the option to buy private insurance, obtain insurance through the workplace, pay a small tax to not have health insurance (this helps it remain affordable for the rest of us) or buy private insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges. The ObamaCare exchanges are online marketplaces where health insurance companies compete to be your provider. The exchanges are state or federal run (depends on the state) online market places are easy to use and run similar to how you can buy car insurance online now. A State's ‘Exchange’ is commonly referred to as ‘Health Insurance Marketplace’ “.
ObamaCare Explained Who Can Get insurance / ObamaCare Health Insurance Marketplace:
“ On October 1st, 2013 your State's "Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace" opens up. All eligible Americans will be able to purchase Federally regulated and subsidized health insurance through private providers using side-by-side benefit, rate and network comparisons of plans. Check out our Health Insurance Marketplace Guide.”
ObamaCare Explained Businesses
Both employers and health insurance companies greatly benefit from the reform and support it regardless of what you hear, since it provides major financial benefits to both.”
“Note: 3% of small businesses will pay a tax on profit over $250k or be required to provide healthcare if they have over 50 employees. The rest of the small businesses, mom and pops specifically, will have better access to cheaper healthcare for them and their employees. If they do decide to provide insurance for their employees they will receive generous tax breaks.”
ObamaCare Explained Seniors
Seniors greatly benefit from the $716 billion of wasteful spending cut from Medicare and the closing of the donut hole. The money is reinvested in Medicare and ObamaCare to improve coverage and to insure tens of millions of more seniors. Medicaid insures 17 million more seniors.”
ObamaCare Explained Protections
ObamaCare includes a number of protections for women including better access to preventive services, expands coverage to millions saving countless lives, ensures people can't be denied for preexisting conditions, stops insurance companies from dropping you when your sick. regulates insurance premium hikes for profit and improves the health care industry as a whole. Doctors and Hospitals all agree, they want to keep ObamaCare, in fact they have already started re-working the health care system, repealing ObamaCare now would cost them Billions.”
ObamaCare Explained Summary
“Obama Care saves millions of lives, trillions of dollars and gives the American worker more freedom by not being dependent on their employers or insurance companies for care. Health care is now in your hands, It's your health care, not the governments. The government just makes sure you get a fair shake and the insurance companies play by the rules. Thanks for checking out our quick ObamaCare explained breakdown. Check out the site for a more detailed explanation of ObamaCare.”
Tweet: Here in its ObamaCarefacts” website, Obama’s PR team explains “simply” why ObamaCare increases access and  quality and curbs costs.

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