Monday, August 19, 2013

Flaunting and Flouting Health Law
If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
Mel Brooks (born 1926),  The Producers
 To treat with disdain, score, or contempt; scoff at, mock.
Flout Definition
President Obama is flaunting Obamacare by saying,  in effect ,”It’s the law. Accept it!” He is also flouting it by treating its opponents with scorn and contempt by declaring the health law is not a political issue.    In his words, “Health insurance isn't something to play politics with.  Our economy isn’t something to play politics with.  This isn’t a game. This is about the economic security of millions of families.” 

His contempt fro Republicans is palpable.  So is his scorn for the Constiution.  Obama is skirting the Constitution by delaying the employer mandate, suspending limits on out-of-pocket costs, and handing out carve-outs, exemptions, waivers, favors, and special deals.  He is ignoring Article II of the Constitution that the President “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”  Obama claims he has broad executive powers to do as he pleases.  Maybe he does, and maybe he doesn't.  In any event,  he is  flaunting and flouting these powers.
Obama is admitting it’s impossible for his administration to meet its own self-imposed deadlines set 3 ½ years ago.  Big ideas, like Social Security,  Medicare, and Obamacare, he claims,  aren’t perfect. They inevitably have glitches.   So he is tweaking, delaying, and circumventing his own law after “three years of attempting but failing to make this clumsy monstrosity work for  the American people.” (Editorial: “How President Obama Is Flouting Obamacare: More Reasons To Delay and Rewrite This Ill-Conceived Law, “ Chicago Tribune, August 18, 2013). That's his hometown paper speaking.

Tweet: President Obama is flouting and flaunting the health care law, in effect, telling  its opponents, “Put up or shut up!”

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