Friday, May 15, 2015

Value (outcomes/cost) for Members, Investors, Customers

The following list reflects my belief in what health care organizations work most effectively in the capitalistic U.S. society. The list is based on the organizations' scale, capital-support, ability to mobilize technology and specialists, public acceptance, management and marketing skills, record of innovation and entrepreneurship, and financial performance

American Medical Association - C- to D+

American Hospital Association - B to B+

ObamaCare - C- to D+

United Health Care - A- to B+


Accountable Care Organizations – C-

Physician Hospital Organizations - D-

Independent Medical Practice - C+

Retail Clinics with Nurse Practitioners - B

Urgent Care Clinics. Doctor-Led - B+

Integrated, Dispersed Care Organizations with ownership of health plans, physicians, and hospitals- B+

Outpatient Ambulatory Care Specialty Clinics - A-

HMOs and PPOs - C-

Health Savings Accounts - B, evolving

Concierge/Direct Pay - B, too early to tell

Electronic Data Firms - B to B+

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